Ergocoach Guido Busje

Guido arrives with

his Ergo bus.

It literally brings ergonomics to your home or office.

At your company
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Invest in happy and productive employees by offering ergocoaching or training , ROI assured.

Ergocoaching and training: Custom-made group trainings and individual ergocoachings.

Train the trainer: We train employees who in turn help colleagues.

Keynote: Are you organising an event or meeting and want to inform, inspire or motivate your audience in a special way? As an inspirational speaker, Guido is a welcome guest.

Due to the company's own specificity, ERGOCOACH will contact you to coordinate and schedule.

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We look at the bigger picture

and strongly belive in an approach

spread across multiple disciplines.

We look at

the bigger picture

and strongly belive

in an approach

spread across

multiple disciplines.

collaboration with physiotherapist, doctors and osteopaths.

Ergocoach for cgi. Ergocoach for helan Ergocoach for at&t Ergocoach for securex Ergocoach for deloitte Ergocoach for toyota Ergocoach for veaudeville
Besides advice and training, Ergocoach also offers products that combine ergonomics and sustainability.

Sit-stand desks, sit-stand chairs or an exceptional individually adaptable sleep system. We only work with products that offer real solutions. And just as important is that you know how to use them. That is why delivery, demo, adjustment to personal needs and training by an ergonomist are included.

At Ergocoach, we believe that ergonomic products can also be beautiful and affordable.

Prevention is better than cure
“Prevention is better than cure”
  • Avoid physical complaints due to incorrect sleeping or working posture.

  • Combine your daily routine with more ergonomics.

  • Adjust ergonomic furniture correctly and use it efficiently.

  • Investing in your health in a sustainable way.